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It’s about keeping calm, think of the scene and take the shot

A Hint


During events, documenting your unique moments is our concern. every moment is a beautiful memory for you, and every click will capture this memory and keeps it for eternity.

These photographs will trigger feelings and retrieve your beautiful thoughts and moments back to you.

Brides first dance

The Gallery

a selection from several scenes to present the touch of the art we present

  • Outdoor Wedding portrait
  • Brides first dance
  • Guests in a wedding
  • IMG_9269_1920pdi_website-1024x683
  • Wedding portrait
  • Wedding portrait
  • Wedding portrait
  • Groom photo
  • Angle Julie, baby photography
  • Bride with sister
  • Groom entering ball room
  • Wedding portrait
  • Bride hugging sister
  • Baby photography
  • Bride's wedding portrait
  • Wedding portrait
  • Groom getting ready
  • 7c2e9e_4f293b8a4d2d4fde93ae75c0fb0732bb-683x1024
  • Hanging Julie, baby photography
  • Fisrt dance